“Foresight” for companies

“Your strategy will alter if you get foresight.”
By means of mathematical technology we will pioneer the future.
We are pathfinder in forecast analysis service.

Marketing technology stemmed from state of the art theoretical physics

If behavior of consumers is replaced by behavior of atoms (particles), the result will be almost the same, what do you think?
Such research that theoretical methods in physics are applied to social sciences is recently highly regarded as Econophysics.
“The Mathematical Model for Hit Phenomena” is invented by Professor Akira Ishii of Tottori University
and its research result is highly regarded by overseas researchers as an application example for marketing.

FindPers Co.,Ltd. is a technology venture and founded to promote this research result to a wide range of industries.
Our mission is to support marketing by means of mathematical model simulation technology.

Word-of-mouth forecast simulation

“How many comments will be given on the web to our products or service from now on?”

There are growing cases that the number of comments
to products or service erupted on social media greatly affects business profit.

Whether the campaign and promotion are successful or not currently depends on
how to become a topic of conversation on blogs, SNS, Twitter and etc.

Recently the lean startup process is applied to not only startups but it is also effective
to products development and promotion, so to grasp “customers’ reaction” in a short span is important.

・How long the reaction will last after the campaign?
・Do you think published contents will have a high profile and make a hit in the future?

Our word-of-mouth forecast simulation will answer such questions
and help enhance cost-effectiveness in service development and promotion for the sake of customers.

Media influence simulation

“Does the advertisement really work?”

There is a variety of media for promotion such as mass advertisement on
TV, newspaper, radio, campaign site on the web and Facebook page.
If promotion is deployed simultaneously on multiple media,
it will be difficult to discern which media contribute to increasing recognition.

If you can evaluate contribution to the increase of word-of-mouth by each media,
you must be able to effectively increase word-of-mouth by shifting to high performance media.

John Wanamaker who was a department store tycoon and is called the father of modern advertising said
"Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half."

Our simulation on effect of media highlights that half and enables to optimally allocate advertising.

Word-of-mouth model simulation

“What characteristics does word-of-mouth for your products have?”

“The Mathematical Model for Hit Phenomena”
which we are advocating converts characteristic factors to determine
the transition of the number of word-of-mouth into numerals as parameters.

This is a criterion for deciding which parameter is strong in word-of-mouth
for your company and which parameter is weak compared to the other company.

If you know your enemy and know yourself,
in a hundred battles you will never be defeated.(Old Chinese proverb)

The word-of-mouth model simulation provides clear Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
not so as to get into perceived values in the PDCA cycle for maximizing promotion.

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