About us

Company Name

FindPers Co.,Ltd.


CEO (Chief Executive Officer)
Hisashi Arakaki

  • grooveOn Inc. Representative director
  • SynergyNetwork Co.LLC Director
  • Doctoral program,
    Graduate School of Engineering,Tottori University

CRO (Chief Research Officer)
Akira Ishii

  • Department of Applied Mathematics and Physics
    Tottori University, Japan
  • Ph.D

On May 8th, 2013

Description of business

Operation for word-of-mouth analysis service
Consultation for utilizing social media
Consignment research for social media in general
Support for regional revitalization project

Head office

*Please note in advance that we are not able to fully correspond to you if you have no appointments because the address described is nominal. If you contact us beforehand,
we shall prepare a conference room and our staff shall correspond to.



Founded in May, 2013
Acknowledged as a venture company incubated by Tottori University

■ Corporate identity

A company foresees the future

■ Business domain

Forecast of the future by word-of-mouth, Data analysis business specialized in forecast

■ Service offered

Provision of simulation tools for forecasting business index, Consultation for accurate forecasting

■ Source of company name

“Pers” is derived from “Perspective” and denotes future prospects or views.
We will provide service which forecasts brighter future of companies by means of mathematical technology.
In addition“Pers” is pronounced “parse” and it denotes syntax analysis.
We want to grasp meanings of word-of-mouth deeper than anyone else as professionals of social media analysis. Such aspiration is also included.
We include another meaning as “purse”, namely it denotes money, resources, funds and wealth. We will help find gold ore for customers by forecasting the future. It is also one of our aspirations.

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